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Mandatory Testing & Certification of Telecommunication Equipment
(MTCTE) in India

As per MTCTE scheme, all types of telecom equipment to be sold in India or to be connected to Indian telecom networks are to be certified from the Telecommunication Engineering Centre (TEC), India, after the date of effect of the MTCTE procedure.

However, if the equipment is being imported to India for research and development or for demonstration purposes or as a sample for mandatory testing, prior TEC certification may be exempted for limited numbers of equipment.

On 4 July 2019 TEC released a list of telecom products covered under the phase 1 rollout.

Products covered in phase -1

As per TEC notification no. TEC/01/2017-TC dated 4 July 2019, telecommunication equipment shown in table, shall be mandatory as of 1 October 2019 and schedule for mandatory testing and certification of remaining equipment shall be notified subsequently.

A total of 6 essential requirements (ERs) have been finalized for products under phase 1. Serial number 1 to 8 of given table, are grouped as ''two wire telephone equipment'' by TEC


Name of Equipment

Certification Scheme

Product Fee
Group in TEC
1. Executive Telephone System SCS A
2. Electronic Telephone Instrument SCS A
3. Key Telephone Systems SCS A
4. Key Telephone Systems SCS A
5. 2-Line Feature Phone SCS A
6. Coin Box Telephone SCS A
7. Terminals for connecting to PSTN SCS A
8. CLIP Phone SCS A
9. Group 3 FAX Machine SCS A
10. Modem SCS A
11. Cordless Phone GCS A

Dates for variours activities for implementation of MTCTE :

Date of opening of MTCTE portal for registration: 5 July 2019

Date of commencement of acceptance of applications: 9 July 2019

Date of implementation of mandatory certification: 1 October 2019

Also, It has been decided by TEC that test results/reports from lab accredited by ILAC signatories shall be acceptable up to 31 March 2020 as a relaxation to MTCTE procedure.